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Traveller's Tale: The Penang Experience
Jeff Howell skips barking dog, smelly open drain, pile of rubbish and backpacker haven to discover Georgetown's exotic charms.


 Time Traveller
 (TIME, February 18, 2002)

 Travel: Penang Goes Forward
 to the Past


T I M E   o n   t o   P e n a n g   w e b s i t e s

Was Hanuman Here?
GIANT STEPS According to this self-billed alternative guide to Malaysia's most charming destination, lonely ghosts roam the streets of George Town and mysterious meter-long footprints on Penang's southeastern shore might "prove" that the monkey god Hanuman once stopped at the island. In addition to its quirky take on Penang culture, festivals and attractions, the site provides more mundane practicalities: weather reports, tips on getting around and accommodation. The section on cuisine offers a rundown of the best eateries in town.

Doing your part

PRESERVING PENANG Want to help save George Town from the ravages of crass speculative development? Visit the Penang Heritage Trust's website and sign the online petition. The NGO has been doing its bit to save Penang's legacy—and promote sustainable tourism initiatives—since it was established in 1986. The site has sections on current restoration projects and upcoming events. Fans of Anna and the King can find a map and detailed commentary of venues featured in the film.

Recipe for the legendary Penang Laksa
Arguably Penang's greatest contribution to the culinary world, Penang Laksa or Assam Laksa is a spicy and savoury dish of course rice noodles in a sour based fish soup with 'assam' (tamarind), sprinkled with shavings of 'bunga kantang', onions, sliced chilli, cucumber and pineapple; topped with thick black fish paste.

Here's your chance to download the recipe and prepare this delightful dish for yourself.

How far will you go for Love?
A lovelorn emperor built the majestic Taj Mahal, others swam across the deepest rivers or climbed the highest mountains, some even stole and spilled blood – all in the name of LOVE. A Penangite has taken his passionate impulses to the internet, by building the Mother of All Wedding Websites. Visit and see it for yourself.

Hungry Ghosts in Penang
At the stroke of midnight on the 18th August 2001, the gates of Hell creaks open to unleash the spirits of the dead. Often, they are souls of those who perished from unnatural deaths, or under unfortunate circumstances e.g. suicide, murder and violent accidents. Some are known to be lonely ghosts seeking partners to join them in the spiritual world.

Inshore Fishermen – Penang's Unheralded Heroes
Himanshu Bhatt discusses the struggles of a little-known community determined the save Penang's seawaters.

The Little India of George Town
Himanshu Bhatt explores a thriving community that is a unique piece of the Malaysian mosaic.

Penang Jewish cemetry
A small unsung piece of land in George Town that hides one of the most elusive secrets of Penang's rich past.

Malaysia's own BIG FOOT?
A fascinating search to uncover the secret behind a set of ancient giant footprints in Penang.

Exploring the streets of George Town
Heritage Trail
For the traveller who has to "nip in and out", following a heritage trail would give him a quick but satisfying glimpse of some heritage sights in the inner city.

This heritage trail initiated a few years ago has drawn considerable response and is sponsored by American Express.


Penang Drivers !  “Upon arriving a common thought is: you have to be a little crazy to drive in Penang and a lot crazy to drive well in Penang! One local friend said that they teach 'Creative Driving' instead of 'Defensive Driving' ”

Excerpt from Penang Pointers, publication by
American Women's Association of Penang.

A guidebook to PHD – Penang Hokkien Dialect
This book is meant for just about anyone who wishes to learn the Penang Hokkien Dialect which has long enchanted both locals and visitors alike through its "rojak" simplicity and smoothness.

To order or for more information, please contact the author and publisher, Tan Choon Hoe at

ISBN 983-40774-0-8   10.8 x 18.4cm   152 pages
West Malaysia RM18.00, East Malaysia RM23.00, Singapore S$12.00
(paperbag) 2001

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Penang Demise
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Penang Utopia
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Wild Batu Feringgi
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